Corporate Social Responsibility

We care for the communities we serve!
Corporate social responsibility is a vital part of CARiNG. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is focused on our partnership with stakeholders that share our values of improving health and wellbeing of the communities that we serve.
CARiNG Health Awareness Day (CHAD)
To promote healthy living and the importance of early detection and management of common silent killers (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high glucose and obesity) among communities.

Regular FREE health check, medication use review and counseling are provided during the CARiNG Health Awareness Day to the neighborhood.

Community Healthcare Campaigns
To establish meaningful partnership with NGOs for promoting health awareness to the public on general health and prevention of chronic diseases.  Organized various campaigns to educate public of the necessary combination of healthy eating and physical activities.

In 2014, CARiNG worked with National Stroke Association Malaysia (NASAM) and other stakeholders to promote the awareness of stroke rehabilitation and stroke prevention nationwide under the National Stroke Campaign (NSC) through early screening and education through seven roadshow across Malaysia as an initiative to encourage the public to engage in early health screening, alert them on their own health status as well as educate them on common contributing risk factors leading to stroke.

We provide free health screenings, valuable information and health talks/workshops by medical doctors, senior diabetic nurse, physiotherapist and psychologist.

CARiNG Health Talk / Workshops

•          Managing Osteoarthritis and Move to Improve
•          Talk about Stroke with NASAM
•          Healthy Eating for People with Diabetes Workshop
•          Caring World Heart Day
•          Monitor your Blood Pressure
•          Diabetes Management  Workshop – Self Monitoring Blood Glucose
•          Diabetes Conversation Map - a tool to manage Diabetes & its complications
•          A Friend of Skin Eczema Workshop
Caring Customer Care (3C)
A program to create awareness on the importance of regular medical check-up with doctor and thus, improve patient care and optimize disease management.
Through our CARiNG Customer Care (3C) program, we also identify those with high risk and encourage them to seek advice from medical doctor.

Care Home Visit
To encourage our employees to volunteer their time to make a difference in the communities that we serve. We were there to show our care to the elderly and provided them free health screenings and small gifts.

Charitable Giving
In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2014, we launched CARiNG Women’s Health Campaign and WomenCare Day of Health Road show in partnership with National Cancer Society Malaysia to promote early detection and prevention of breast and cervical cancer.  CARiNG also supported NCSM cause in helping people affected by cancer with a donation of RM5000.

CARiNG outlets nationwide, through the launch of “Gift of Love” voucher pack sold at CARiNG Pharmacy outlets during parent’s month, the fund was raised RM13,824 for World Vision Children’s Development Fund in support of its local community project in the sub-district Tulid, Sabah.

Go Green Campaign & No Plastic Bag Day
We aim to reduce plastic usage whenever possible. In 2008, Caring launched an awareness campaign aimed at reducing plastic use in our retail stores by embracing a few simple daily actions. We educated our own employees not use plastic bags whenever they make purchases at our stores.
Since 2008, we encouraged our customers to Go Green with CARiNG.
In our recent campaigns, CARiNG has given out more than 60,000 recycle bags to our customers. Furthermore we provided monetary rewards through instant rebates to those who use recycle bags or paper bags instead of plastic bags.

In 2013, CARiNG raised a total of RM16,000 through No Plastic Bag Campaign and donated to National Kidney Foundation. The sum of all pennies charged for every plastic bag given for customers' use was donated for a good cause.

National Varsity Chinese Debate Competition, University of Malaya

In support of our local university initiatives to encourage awareness of current issues, cultivate critical thinking and inculcate the spirit of thinking, CARiNG has contributed a sum of RM20,000 to Chinese Language Society of University of Malaya in its National Varsity Chinese Debate.

We aspire to deliver continuous  service excellence towards the wellness and wellbeing of the communities we serve. Following are the descriptions of our strategies which serve as a roadmap to achieve our goals.