List of winners.
To my UNSUNG HERO, you are the best as you beat the rest and stand up number one. I love you,Dad.
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My lovely father and mother-in law sharing a light moments of eating durian at the durian farm.
Votes : 260
When i see the smile that shown on your face, i know everything is worth ^^ I LOVE U, Parents.
Votes : 187
DAD loves to play this (Big Tyre Swing Swing) with me when i was young. :D
Votes : 87
Half me and half father = perfect parent and perfect daughter... i love my dear father... 💖💖💖
Votes : 2
Family is the strongest bond in the universe and they are my everything.
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My parents bought this bear for me.I♡my bear.So,my love for this bear shows my love for my parents.
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I am blessed to have a happy family with caring parents, a responsible husband & 2 loving children.
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