Eat Well, Lose Weight: 20-days Program

Eat Well, Lose Weight: 20-days Program follows 4 simple steps  to help you lose up to 5kg with the help of our CARiNG Pharmacist. Drop by any CARiNG Pharmacy to know more.

How Can We Help?

1st step

Pharmacist will measure your body weight, waist circumference, body fat, BMI, etc.

2nd step

Pharmacist will set your weight loss target.

3rd step

A customized daily 20-days meal plan will be set for you.

4th step

Pharmacist will set a 3 follow-up appointments with you to see your progress.

Enhance Your Journey To Good Health With These Tips

The Malaysian healthy plate, 'Suku-suku-separuh'.

Fill your plates with one quarter of carbohydrates, one quarter of protein and half plate of fruits and vegetables.

Skip sugary food. Sugar increases risk of obesity.

This applies to fruit juice as it contains almost equal amount of sugar as a can of soda.

Combine resistance training and aerobic exercise for weight and fat loss as well as increase muscle mass.

Muscles are tissues which burn more calories at rest than other tissues in the body.

Healthy fats as an alternative!

Fat can prolong a feeling of fullness but still contributes to total calories intake. Swap unhealthy fats (trans fat or saturated fats) for healthy fats such as MCT in your diet.

Adopt healthier cooking method.

E.g. Steaming, baking, grilling, etc.

4 Different Ways To Help You Lose Weight

Follow These Simple Meal Plan To Achieve Better Health In 20 days

1. Before Breakfast

2. Breakfast

-Xndo Coffee (1 sachet)
-Half Boiled Eggs (2 eggs)

4. Afternoon Tea

- Plain Biscuits (3 pieces)
- Apple (1 small piece)
- Xndo MCT Coconut Oil Extract Powder (1 sachet)

3. Lunch

- Xndo Xcard Raspberry Grape (1 sachet) before lunch
- Steamed Fish (1 palm size)
- Stir-fry Vegetables (1 small plate)
- Wholegrain Rice (1 small bowl)
- Xndo Xfat Apple & Berry (1 sachet) after lunch

5. Dinner

- Xndo Ready-to-eat Meal (1 portion)
- Xndo Protein MCT Shake (1 sachet)

Talk to a CARiNG Pharmacist to have personalized meal plan based on your personal lifestyle.

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Xndo is a specialty food company from Singapore that develops food, drinks and supplements to achieve a healthy weight loss and regain health.

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