Safe Medicines Disposal

We all have that cupboard or drawer at home where we keep everyday medicines such as paracetamol tablets or cough syrup.

But how often do you check the expiry dates on the packaging?

Why Dispose Safely of Unused Medications?

Keeping old medicines or worse taking them can be putting your health at risk.

Old medicines left unsecured at home can often be an easy source for someone thinking about abusing medicines and can pose danger to pets or children who may accidentally ingest them. They can also be confusing for elderly people who may have multiple medicines.

Throwing old pills in the trash is often not the safest way to dispose of old medicines and flushing may contaminate the water supply.

Are Your Medicines Out Of Date?
Here’s How To Dispose Of Them Safely.

Step 1

Clear out your medicine cabinet every six months.

Check your medicine supplies at least every six months to ensure that you only store those that are still up to date and still needed.


Take old or unwanted medicine to selected CARiNG Pharmacy stores.

Medicines that are no longer needed, out of date or damaged should be taken to the selected CARiNG Pharmacy where they can be disposed of safely.

This campaign is brought to you by CARiNG Pharmacy in collaboration with Safe D.U.M.P.