Corporate Governance - CARiNG Pharmacy

Whistleblowing Policy

Caring is committed to the values of transparency, integrity and accountability in the conduct of its business processes and operation.


Whistle-blowing policy provides an avenue for all Caring employees and the general public to raise serious concerns about risks of wrongful activities or reporting a wrongdoing.

Scope of Policy

Any irregularity and improper conduct, including but NOT limited to the following:

  • Taking of giving favours, kickbacks, bribes and privileges
  • Corruption or fraud
  • Misuse of Company’s funds or assets
  • Theft or embezzlement
  • Gross mismanagement
  • Abuse of power by any employee 
  • Serious financial irregularities or impropriety
  • Serious breach of Company’s code of conduct
  • Act, omission, misrepresentation of information which lead to, cause or create a substance or specific danger to the health of safety of the employees, the public or the environment
  • Failure to comply with provision of laws, regulations and directives where the wrongdoer knowingly or intentionally disregards compliance provision
  • Disciplinary or criminal offence
  • Knowingly directing or advising a person to commit any of the above wrongdoing

When to Report

A whistle-blower shall come forward with any information or document that he or she, in good faith, reasonably believes and discloses a wrongdoing, which is likely to happen, is being committed or has been committed. For instance, its nature, the date, time and place of its occurrence and the identity of the alleged wrongdoer; particulars of witnesses, if any. 

How to Proceed

Whistleblower raises a concern in writing and email to

Required Information

Name of the whistle-blower, contact numbers, email address, basic or reasons of his/her concerns including as many details of the wrongdoing as reasonably possible. For instance, its nature, date, time and place of occurrence, information of witnesses and production of documentary evidence, if any.

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Caring Group is committed to ensure zero tolerance policy against all forms of bribery and corruption in our business operations.

Policy and Procedures

We have adopted an Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy which sets out the policy statement to help prevent corruption by, on behalf of, or against the organisation and to detect, report and deal with any breach which may result in. 

Reporting Channel

All employees and business associates are encouraged to report any act of bribery and corruption directly to the channel of  

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