HFMD Outbreak: 5 Actions & 8 Products Available At Caring Pharmacy

ACTION 1. Clean and disinfect surfaces – It’s important to clean toys, eating utensils, things that your children bring to school

  • Care and Safe Surface Disinfectant Spray (Safe and convenient spray to be used on all surfaces)
  •  Caring Antibacterial Disinfectant  (Cheap and multipurpose disinfectant cleaning agent)


ACTION 2. Sanitize your hands – There are alcohol disinfectants out there that are convenient to carry around
  •  Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray (convenient small bottle that fits into your handbag)
  •  Softaman Hand Disinfectants (Hospital grade disinfectant, suitable for sensitive skin)
ACTION 3. Wear a face mask to cover your coughs and sneezes – A facemask can prevent the spread of viruses
  •  Respokare Antiviral face masks (Made out of anti-viral material)
ACTION 4. Check your temperature regularly – Get a ear thermometer for fast results
  •  Omron Ear Thermometer MC523/H839S (Results in 1 second)
ACTION 5. Boost your immune system -Having a stronger immune system may prevent one from contacting HFMD
  •  Infaferrin (Contains probiotics and lactoferrin that boost up your child’s immunity)
  •  NanoBiogenie (Boost resistance to virus by x3, improve recovery time from viral infection by 50%)