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How to Stay Safe On Election Day

Rumors of GE15 were rife after the tabling of Budget 2023. Insider news about political appointees emptying their tables leaked days before the dissolution of parliament. At last, the parliament was dissolved. After 2 weeks of campaigning, It is now time to VOTE!

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, how do we stay safe on election day? Here are a few tips for you to take note of!

1. Check Your Polling Station & Polling Time

If you have not checked your voting details, you should do so as soon as possible. You may check your details here:
Your ‘Encouraged Voting Time’ is also included in the details.1 While this is only a recommendation, you should vote accordingly. This is to avoid the overcrowding of polling stations. This move is helpful in keeping everyone safe in GE15.

2. Wear Your Mask

The Health Director General has announced the mandatory mask wearing for COVID-19 patients on Election Day.2 For others, wearing a mask is still highly recommended. Remember, no one can predict how long the queue will be on November 19th. Keep your mask on!

3. Bring Sanitiser & Wash Your Hands

Bring a hand sanitiser with you on Election Day. Make sure that the sanitiser that you are using contains more than 60% alcohol.3 Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap (more than 20 seconds) after voting.

4. Vote Alone

Unless you have a disability that requires assistance, you should leave your non-voting family members at home.3 Unnecessary exposure to crowds should be avoided.

5. Review Your Voting Plan

Being well prepared reduces your time spent at the polling station.3 Get ready with your IC, know your voting lane and recommended voting time from ‘mySPR Semak’ website may significantly reduce your time spent in the voting station.

Malaysians may disagree on many issues concerning GE15. However, we should all agree that everyone has a civic duty to vote. Never say one vote doesn’t matter! Every vote counts! Participate in the democratic process. Stay safe on election day!


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