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6 Types Of Eye Supplements For Healthy Eyes


  • Carotenes family

  • High concentration in human eyes.

  • Strong antioxidant effect.

  • Able to reduce risk of AMD and cataract.

  • AREDS2 showed 10mg lutein and 2 mg zeaxanthin able to reduce risk of advanced AMD.

  • Able to filter blue light.


  • Carotenes family. Similar to lutein and zeaxanthin.

  • Strong antioxidant effect.

  • AREDS showed the effect of beta-carotene to reduce risk of advanced AMD.

  • However due to its pro-oxidant effect, able to increase the risk of lung cancer.

  • Lutein/zeaxanthin cannot be consumed together with beta-carotene as it will reduce the absorption of either one.

Fish oil

  • Contain omega 3 LCPUFA

  • EPA and DHA is more important.

  • Able to prevent dysfunction of meibomian gland and maintain tear film stability, thus maintain eye moisture.

  • Reduce post-op eye inflammation.

  • Antioxidant, reduce risk of advanced AMD

Vitamin C

  • Water soluble vitamin

  • Play a role in the antioxidant reaction in the eyes, eg: as an antioxidant by itself and as a catalyst for other antioxidant enzyme.

  • It is included in the AREDS formulation.

  • Long term use able to reduce risk of cataract.

Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol)

  • As vitamin C, is an antioxidant.

  • Lower concentration compared to Vitamin C in the eye

  • Studies showed able to reduce the risk of advanced AMD and cataract by its antioxidant effect.

  • Also being included in AREDS formulation

Zinc and Copper

  • Both are trace element in human body

  • Zinc is an important trace element for eyes

  • Able to act as an catalyst for the other antioxidant enzyme and act as an antioxidant by itself.

  • Copper required lower dose compared to zinc

  • But similar to zinc, copper act as an antioxidant and catalyst for other antioxidant enzymes.

  • Copper also added together with zinc as high dose of zinc may cause some adverse effect such as anaemia.