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Low Blood Glucose

If your blood sugar drops below 3.9 mmol/L, you may start to experience trembling, sweating, palpitations, hunger, headaches or feeling faint.

This condition is commonly due to:
  • Insufficient carbohydrate intake
  • Eating your sahur meal too early
  • Skipping your sahur meal
  • Intense physical activity during the day or finally
  • Not adjusting your insulin or oral antidiabetic medication dosage during fasting.


High Blood Glucose

If your blood sugar spikes above 16.6 mmol/L on the other hand, you may experience extreme thirst or hunger, frequent urination, lethargy, nausea or bouts of vomiting.

This is usually due to:
  • The excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugary food or drinks
  • Missing your prescribed medication
  • Inactivity or sleeping through the day.


Method 1

Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate is one of the macronutrients besides protein and fat. Since it is a source of glucose and energy to support body functions and physical activity, it is essential to optimise the amount of carbohydrates consumed in order to manage your blood sugar effectively. Click the button below for a complete carbohydrate consumption guide.

Method 2

The Ramadan Plate

Food selection and portion control have a huge part to play in controlling your blood glucose level. Especially with the vast number of Ramadan Bazaars that pop up during the holy month. This nifty guide will show you how to divide your plate and what to put on it to stay healthy. All without sacrificing the Raya treats you love and crave.

Method 3

Diabetes- Specific Formulas

Supplementing your controlled diet with a specific set of nutrients is also a good option to help manage blood glucose levels. Thankfully, there are great options out there that help you meet your nutritional needs, but also control your weight and glucose levels throughout your fast.

Simple Tips To Help You Eat Right & Stay Healthy During Ramadan

A Diabetic Consumption Guide During Ramadan

Controlling our consumption in the month of Ramadan is easier said than done, especially for people with Diabetes. That’s why we took the liberty to prepare this comprehensive Ramadan & Syawal Ramadan Consumption Plan Series for you to understand more on your intake and see through the Ramadan with ease.

Carbohydrate Consumption Management During The Month of Ramadan

Carbohydrate isn’t foreign in the lives of Malaysians as almost all of our local favourite food contains it – from the roti canai for breakfast to the fragrant rice at noon and at dinner time. In this video series, we will guide you on how to consume carbohydrates in moderation and take advantage of the Ramadan month to transform your consumption once and for all!

Ramadan Consumption Plan

Going through Ramadan can be challenging for people with diabetes. Check out this video to learn what is the Ramadan Nutrition Plan and how it helps to manage your blood sugar level during this holy month.

Emotional Checks During Ramadan & Syawal for Person with Diabetes

You may face emotional stress during fasting and Eid celebration due to your concern of your blood sugar levels. Check out this video for steps that may help individuals with diabetes remain healthy and happy.

Healthier Food Options At A Ramadan Bazaar

For people with diabetes, choosing the right food during Ramadan is tricky! Get to know what makes your body tick through this concise video guide.

Syawal Meal Plan

Did you know that you can enjoy the delicious Aidilfitri feast and still maintain your sugar level? Know more through our quick guide in the video!

Need A Helping Hand?

Whether it’s for more information, Ramadan meal advice or Diabetes-Specific Formulas, don’t worry! Help is on hand. Click the button below and book a free consultation with a friendly Caring pharmacist near you!

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