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Recipe 2022

Blood Sugar Management Made Easy This Ramadan

The Isomaltulose In NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik Makes All The Difference

The incorporation of Isomaltulose into NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik has yielded multiple advantages for pre-diabetic or diabetic individuals. Especially those looking to observe their fast during Ramadan.

These include:

  • Isomaltulose is a fully digestible, slow release carbohydrate with low glycemic index.
  • It provides a balanced energy supply and less blood sugar fluctuations.

NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik: The Key To Effective Blood Sugar Management This Ramadan

NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik is a delicious supplement for your dietary needs that will play a vital role in helping you manage your blood sugar while observing a fast. If you are a pre-diabetic or diabetic looking for more control and energy, the complete nutrition that comes with NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik will be a positive addition to your daily diet.
Formulated with Nestle’s exclusive Glycemic Control Blend and Isomaltulose, this low Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load recipe has been optimised to help keep you healthy this Ramadan.

The Advantages

  • Stable high-density energy release through the day as part of Sahur meal.
  • Lower carbohydrate content, with enough of it to meet basal metabolic needs.
  • Contains an unique fibre blend to stabilise blood sugar levels.
  • Contains high-quality whey protein that helps build & repair body tissue.
  • Contains beneficial fat blends of monounsaturated fatty acids that reduce cardiovascular risk.
  • Formulated according to International Diabetes Guidelines.

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