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Method 1

Carbohydrate Counting

By using this simple guide made up of food we eat every day here in Malaysia, you will be able to gain better control of the carbohydrates you consume.
To make it easier to understand, your hand can be used to measure a portion or ‘exchange’ of carbohydrates as illustrated below.
Remember, it is always best to speak to a healthcare professional about how much carbohydrates your body needs in order to maintain good control of your blood sugar. They can also help you with the menu planning. Here are a few sources and measurements of carbohydrates based on 1 exchange (15g of carbohydrates)
*Not recommended and intake should be limited
Let’s face it, Raya is approaching and indulging in some festive treats is completely understandable. But instead of overindulging while worrying, keep it under control and snack guilt-free by understanding how each yummy treat stacks up to 1 carbohydrate exchange (or a half a cup of rice).
Hari Raya Delicacies1 Carbohydrate Exchange
Ketupat/ Nasi Impit¾ piece
Ketupat Palas1 piece
Lemang3 pieces
Kuah Kacang6 tablespoons
Burasa1 piece
Porridge1 cup
Cookies2 pieces
Jelly2 pieces
Kuih Siput3 tablespoons
Bahulu1 piece
Dodol2 small pieces (45g)
Wajik1 piece (25g)
Banana/Tapioca Chips6 pieces
Kuih Cincin/Ros/Loyang Or
1 piece

Method 2

The Ramadan Plate

Portion control is one of the most effective tools for maintaining your health, nutrition and blood glucose levels. This method will allow you to eat a variety of food which means that you will never get bored eating the same thing repeatedly, yet enjoy all the nutrients your body needs to get through the day.


½ Vegetables

Start your meal by eating vegetables first


¼ Protein

(Fish, chicken meat or legumes)
Best choice: Meat cuts with less fat


¼ Carbohydrate

(Rice, noodles, bread, cereal, cereal products or potatoes)
Best choice: Wholegrains



Best choice: Fresh fruits or dates


Plain water

Always try opting for plain water and also reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks.


Soup gravy

Always choose low -fat cooking methods

Tips You Can Count On!

1) Be aware of hidden carbohydrates such as gravy.
2) Use a smaller plate, it makes the amount of food look more.
3) Plain water is always the best choice.
4) No meal is complete without vegetables.
5) Eat vegetables first, side dishes next and then carbohydrates.

Now that you have understood how to portion your meals,
it’s time to address the Ramadan Bazaar cravings with a few great tips.

Tips you should follow:

  • Make a list of exactly what you want to avoid overbuying.
  • Buy dishes that are low in oil and sugar.
  • Pick boiled, roasted or steamed dishes instead of fried.
  • Avoid cakes, dessert porridges or sweet beverages.
  • Look out for healthier options like:
Remember to work on portioning your plates even with the goodies you get from the Ramadan Bazaar!

Method 3

Diabetes-Specific Formulas

Diabetic Specific Formulas in the market are widely available and could be a vital part of managing your blood glucose levels as you fast this Ramadan. It is also an effective way to supplement your nutritional intake and control your weight.

What Is A Diabetes-Specific Formula?

It’s a drink that is specially formulated for individuals who are facing problems regulating their blood glucose levels, that also provides a unique combination of nutrients. Including it into your Ramadan Meal Plan with an appropriate calorie content, should make your experience much easier.

What Makes It Unique?

It contains slowly digestible carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index that takes time to digest and maintain your blood glucose level. Additionally, it is made up of whey protein, unsaturated fats, soluble fibres and for your digestive system – probiotics. A perfect addition to your sahur meal or mini-iftar snack.

Why Having A Low Glycaemic Index And Low Glycaemic Load Are Important?

Glycaemic Index

Glycaemic Index is a ranking of carbohydrates based on how much they raise blood glucose levels compared to an equal quantity (50g) of carbohydrates in a reference food like white bread or glucose. If the Glycaemic Index of a type of food is high, the blood glucose level rises more after it is eaten.

Glycaemic Load

Glycaemic Load on the other hand, is a value that takes the food’s Glycaemic Index as well as the total available carbohydrate content into consideration. The resulting value reflects both the quality and quantity of dietary carbohydrates in a particular type of food.

It Works In Recipes Too!

Date Milkshake For 1 Meal
3 dates (21g)
3.5 scoops of NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik (mixed with 120ml of water)
A few walnuts
Preparation Method
  1. Mix 3.5 scoops of formula like NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik with 120ml of water.
  2. Place dates, walnuts and the mixed formula into a blender and blend for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour into a glass and chill.
  4. Drink when it’s time for a snack like Mini Iftar.

For more information about Diabetes Specific Formulas and how they fit into your daily diet, click the button below.

Worry No More With The 14-Day Ramadan Menu Plan & Effective Nutrition Guide!

When it comes to eating right during Ramadan, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start. That is why we have prepared the 14-Day Ramadan Menu Plan and the Effective Nutrition Guide booklets in this Ramadan Nutrition Plan to achieve optimal blood glucose level during ramadan.

These booklets were developed by certified dietitians at the University Putra Malaysia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Science with the support of Nestlé Health Science , and are designed to guide you through your fasting journey. It includes everything you need in planning your Ramadan consumption such as the 14-day Ramadan Menu Plan that provides a healthy daily menu based on your prescribed calorie target with a balanced proportion of macronutrients.

Ramadan shouldn’t be a pain in the pancreas! We hope these 2 booklets will help you fast with a peace of mind and most importantly, enjoy the holy month with your loved ones. After all, nothing is sweeter than an iftar with the ones you love. So, worry no more and click the button below to download the 14-Day Ramadan Menu Plan and Effective Nutrition Guide!

Need A Helping Hand?

Whether it’s for more information, Ramadan meal advice or Diabetes-Specific Formulas, don’t worry! Help is on hand. Click the button below and book a free consultation with a friendly Caring pharmacist near you!

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